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My Picks For The Top 100 Films of The Decade

The best films of the past ten years.

My Picks For The Best Films of 2009

Three lists: The best films of 2009, The best documentaries of 2009, and The best films of late-2008.

My Picks For The Best 25 Films of 2008

Twenty-five must-see films from the past year, plus one bonus pick.

Suddenly Gone: The Anthony Minghella Rave

A great director is gone.

My Picks For The Best Films of 2007

A list of my favorite movies of the past year. Ten must-see films, plus another bonus five.

The Robert Altman Rave: One of the greats is gone

If he'd only directed 5 films ("M*A*S*H", "Nashville", "The Player", "Short Cuts" and "Gosford Park") he'd still be one of the greatest and most original directors of all time.

A Mind-Boggling Omission: Premiere Magazine's "50 Greatest Comedies" List Somehow Omits "Life of Brian"

The Greatest Comedy of All Time fails to make the list of the "50 Greatest Comedies of All Time"