New Coen Brothers Masterpiece: Best Film of The Year?

You want to read a couple of rave reviews unlike anything you've read since I went nuts over "The Departed" last year? Then check out both Peter Travers and Glenn Kenny's effusive 4-out-of-4-star rave reviews of the Coen Brothers new film "No Country For Old Men".

They both call it the best film of the year so far and both rave about the acting, directing, storytelling and all-round great filmmaking. And Kenny, writing in Premiere Magazine, goes as far as to call it an out-and-out masterpiece.

For some reason the normally-prolific Coens, who usually release a film per year or at least one every two years, have kept us waiting more than three and a half years since their last film, "The Ladykillers". But, obviously, if Travers and Kenny can be believed, it's been well worth the wait.

Ethan and Joel Cohen are undisputedly two of the greatest filmmakers working today and these are, without a doubt, two of the most positive reviews you're going to read this side of Bill O'Reilly's raves about George W. Bush or Bush's own gushing raves about his buddy Musharraf, the dictator of Pakistan.

As Travers points out in his review in Rolling Stone Magazine, this is not a film for the "Transformers" or "Fantastic Four" crowd. However, for all true lovers of film, this is clearly a must-see movie event.

Both Travers and Kenny say this is one of the greatest films the Coens have ever made, if not the greatest. And anyone who already knows of the Coens greatness and who has already seen some of their classic stuff - from "Blood Simple" to "Miller's Crossing" to "Barton Fink" to "Fargo" to "The Big Lebowski" to "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" - understands just how much this is a film to get excited about. I know I can't wait!

Here are the reviews:

Peter Travers' review in Rolling Stone

Glenn Kenny's review in Premiere

Anyone who's seen the film already (it's in very limited release right now), feel free to leave a comment about whether these guys (Travers and Kenny) got it right or not.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Monday, November 19th, 2007

(raspberry noise)

The Coens have been overrated for at least ten years. I've recently revised my decent opinion of this downward after a suitable amount of time passed. I have no interest in seeing this movie a 2nd time, so it failed there for me. It also doesn't make me contemplate a thing, not even film technique.

"No duh for all men (and women)"

Uh... it's the Coen brothers... two of the most brilliant cinematic minds in the industry. Of course it's amazing. Yeesh...