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Wake Up Music Fans! Wake Up! Lou and Elvis Tear It Up

Elvis Costello's show, "Spectacle", just keeps getting better and better. And the recent episode featuring Lou Reed - and a couple of fantastic musical performances - was one of the best yet.

Attention All Music Fans! The Best Talk Show Ever: "Spectacle: Elvis Costello with..."

Elvis Costello may not be the first person who comes to mind when you think of rock stars who might make great television talk show hosts, but with his new show, "Spectacle", he pulls it off brilliantly.

Furious Prairie Folk and The Ferocious Saskatuan Monster

Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and the ferocious prairie backlash.

The Best 20 Albums and 50 Songs of 2008: Dylan Tops Both Lists

My favorite music of the past year - a great year for music. With Bob placing first for both album and song.

My Picks For The Best 15 Albums and 40 Songs of 2007

My favorite music of 2007 - some classic stuff!

The Kanye West Rave

One of the greatest acts of the past few years. Three albums released so far, all classics.

The Talkin' Prairie Triangle of Inspiration Rave (A.K.A. Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell Make Their Great Escape)

Bob, Neil and Joni all escape the prairies, leaving with nothing but their inspiration. 

The All I Am Saying Is Give Todd A Chance Mini-Rave

Once again I'm telling you you've really got to take a good listen to Todd Snider. 

The Todd Snider Rave

One of my favorite artists. Period.

The Neil Young Rave: A Film, Two Albums and Incarnations For Everyone

It's a glorious time to be a Neil Young fan.

The White Stripes Rave (AKA: The Do Believe The Hype Rave)

One of the best bands of the past 10 years. Period.

A Perfect Billy Bragg Song: Even More Relevant Today

A look at how the lyrics to Billy Bragg's song "Help Save The Youth of America" are as relevant today as when they were written 20 years ago, if not more so.

The KISS My Alive Ass Rant (Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums" Blows It Big Time)

Rolling Stone magazine comes out with their 500 Greatest Albums of All-Time list and leaves at least one reader completely dumbstruck.