Music: Album and Concert Raves



Lucky Day: The Bruce and Woody Rave

A great new album and a wonderful new film.

The Todd Snider "Peace Queer" Rave

A terrific new EP from one of the greatest artists working today.

A Canadian Musical Icon: The Ken Whiteley Rave

A Canadian great puts on a fantastic show.

Oh What A Night: Todd Snider Live (and John Rogers Fully Exposed)

One of the greatest nights of my life! First there was the incredible show by Todd Snider - even better than last year's - and then there was the after-show performance by my buddy Johnny. Oh what a night indeed!

Blow Your Wad, Here Comes Todd (Todd Snider Coming To Vancouver)

After the amazing time we had last year at his show down in Bellingham, it's obviously pretty exciting to be able to go see Todd play live again just 11 months later... and much closer to home this time too.

Doing Lines With The White Stripes and The New Magnificent Seven

All I wanted was to attend the White Stripes' opening show on their latest North American tour, I never expected this

The Amazing Adventures of Todd Snider and The Magnificent Seven (or River On A Bender Without A Paddle)

An amazing performance... and Todd Snider was great too.  

The Billy Bragg Rave: The Tale of 2 Old Guys

More than 20 years since I'd last seen Billy live in concert. He hadn't changed, but... 

The New Bruce Springsteen Rave ("The Seeger Sessions")

Bruce releases a great new album. 

The Beggars Banquet Rave (The Rolling Stones' Greatest Album)

A rave about one of the greatest albums of all time.