Mad Medieval Mutterings of Misogynistic Mullahs: Iran vs Saudi Arabia in "Always Blame The Victim"

or Iran vs Saudi Arabia in "The Ascendancy of Asininity"

Ok, so two weeks ago you heard about the delightful tale of the 19-year-old woman in Saudi Arabia who, for the crime of being gang-raped, was sentenced to be tortured and permanently disfigured - to call flogging by its real name - followed by 6 months in prison. Well, today we're reminded that, when it comes to full-on barbaric, feudal, Dark Age Mentalities, the Saudis are relatively timid and moderate compared to their brothers in asininity in the Iranian judiciary. I can almost hear the Iranian taunts now: "Hey, Saudis, you call that a sentence? How about death to an 18-year-old for the crime of being raped by her brothers and forced into sex slavery by her parents? Bet you can't beat that, you pansies!"

Well, whether the Saudis will be up to the challenge or not, let's refamiliarize ourselves with just how Sharia Law operates in these countries:

Rule #1: It's ALWAYS the woman's - or girl's - fault.
Rule #2: The woman must ALWAYS be punished, whether victim or not.
Rule #3: Justice has nothing to do with any of it.
Rule #4: Did I mention, it's ALWAYS the woman's fault?

Rape: Lock up the woman, she's a fornicator after all.
Adultery: Torture then kill the woman; give the man a light sentence, if any, as he must have been tempted, poor chap.
Incestuous Rape: Whip the man and then kill his victim, sorry, I mean his temptress (i.e. his sister or daughter).

Hey, it's a pretty good system, if you're a man... or, I should say, if you're a man who REALLY hates women.

This particular case in Iran is actually an older one and the woman, Leila, thankfully, was eventually set free. The story I was just reading on the BBC's website is a follow-up piece. It tells how Leila's mother started selling her to men at the age of nine, how she was raped by her brothers, and how she was eventually sold to up to 15 men each night by her husband. Then, when she was 18, the whole family was arrested and it came to an end, but not exactly a happy one for Leila. While her husband was sentenced to 5 years in jail for running a house of illegal sex and her brothers, who both admitted to raping her, were each flogged, Leila, by the insane interpretation of Iranian Sharia Law, was charged with incest and sentenced to die. Were her brothers guilty of incest? Of course not! Think about it, how could a man possibly do such a repulsive thing? Only a woman could be guilty of such a despicable act.

But, hey, this isn't about Islam, this is about idiotic fundamentalist theocracy. You have civilized Muslim nations such as Turkey, Jordan, Bosnia, Indonesia, etc. And then you have these barbaric, extremely misogynistic nations of backwardness, like Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls Iran a great civilization and it most certainly once was... at least before the imposition of Sharia Law and the rule of the Moronically Misogynistic Mullahs.

Don't you just wish these fundamentalist freaks could prove their love to Allah in some other way? I know they're trying their best to outdo one another in the purity and prudery department, since, as we all know, God is completely obsessed with, and cares about nothing more than, sex and even the slightest sexual transgression will set him off, but, still, there's just got to be a better way for these Saudi and Iranian judges to compete.

I mean, if no one else will do it, I guess I could be the one to tell them:

Hey guys, rather than torturing young victims of rape to show Allah how much more you love him than your judicial opponents across the Persian Gulf, how about an arm wrestle or a good ol' ping pong match instead? And if you really can't feel good unless someone is suffering you could always just walk around the country whipping yourselves to prove your extra-special closeness to Allah. Sound good? Whatever you do, please stop persecuting the women of your countries in this ridiculous attempt of yours to prove your superior righteousness and piety. And it'd be particularly nice if you could stop tormenting victims of rape. Come on guys, relax, take a deep breath and stop worrying, because, hey, think about it, if there really is a God, cruel heartless assholes like yourselves will all equally be going to hell anyway. Your competition is meaningless.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Iranian "backward nation"!

I was astonished by lack of your knowledge to how Islam infested people of Iran in the course of history and how the "Moronically Misogynistic Mullahs imposed themselves on iranian nation that you called "backward nation". Please inform yourself that an increasing majority of Iranians reject these freak Mullahs and do not share their sharia biding regime, therefore, exactly thus, the regime commits any crime to survive.

Leila's imprisonment

Thank goodness for the human rights lawyers who are making these cases known, and winning reprieve for some of these women, including Leila! And for Amnesty International who consistently publishes information about gender injustice in different parts of the world. Thanks for doing your part, Mike in raising our consciousness, too! D.M.