The Mindless Iraqi Psychopaths Rant

We all know who is ultimately responsible for the total and utter catastrophe that Iraq has become since being unjustly and illegally invaded and occupied three and a half years ago; I mean, the whole world knows who is ultimately guilty for the horrendous ongoing carnage and wholesale destruction in and of that country; but let's talk for a moment about some other immoral bastards. Specifically, what's with these psychopaths in Iraq torturing and murdering hundreds of innocent people a month for no other reason than they happen to belong to the other side of the sectarian divide (Shia or Sunni). Not only are these death squads slaughtering completely innocent civilians on a daily basis, but, before senselessly killing them, they're actually torturing these people for absolutely no other reason than hatred. Torture, not for information or any other purpose, just for psychotic pleasure, it would seem.

You all know I can rant and rave (ok, only rant) with the best of them when it comes to George Dubya, Sidekick Dick and the rest of the war-mongering, world dominatin', whole bloody planet destabalizin', gay bashin', environment destroyin', oil chuggin', gun totin', so-called War On Terror fightin', torture rationalizin', gulag runnin', compassion and empathy lackin' war criminals presently occupying the White House; but, hey, they can't be blamed for everything. The fact is they invaded Iraq and started all this unnecessary-carnage-and-destruction, but those Iraqis presently doing the daily killing and torturing for no other reason than to try and cause more killing and torturing in the hope of eventually igniting a civil war have got to be held accountable for THEIR barbaric behavior. It doesn't matter that Bush and Co. started it all, the point is that these psychopaths in Iraq (and there seems to be quite a few of them) are slaughtering their fellow citizens by the hundreds, or even thousands, a month. There are the daily bombings, mainly of civilians, that have been going on for the past couple of years now and then there are the more recent daily kidnap-torture-murders of civilians who, by any sense of reason, are guilty of nothing whatsoever.

Same as in Bosnia back in the early-'90s; same as in Lebanon for about two decades; same as in Ireland, of course, for many many years; and, for that matter, same as in almost all of Europe for a few hundred years there; it's simply mindboggling how people can slaughter innocent human beings, identical to themselves in all ways but one: their religion. Same language, same race, same country, same culture, same everything, save religious beliefs. Don't get me wrong, it's no less repulsive and sickening to kill innocents from another racial or linguistic group or country, but it is much easier to understand when you think about human nature and the tendency to label all those who are different as "Other" and "Less". What I'm trying to say is, it's hard enough to understand how people can dehumanize those of another racial or linguistic group, but it's truly unfathomable that people can convince themselves that their neighbors are somehow The Enemy and deserve to die. Or, worse, deserve to be tortured to death because they happen to be Sunni and not Shia, or Shia and not Sunni (or Catholic and not Protestant, or Muslim and not Hindu, or Christian and not Muslim, etc. etc.).

It's become so commonplace now in Iraq that it barely even warrants a mention on the news anymore: "Another dozen bound and mutilated bodies, showing clear signs of torture, found today in Baghdad. Now back to our top stories: Madonna adopts African baby and Brad and Angelina spotted vacationing in Trinidad".

Well, it's not commonplace to me. And every time I hear the news I can't stop thinking about the idea of someone torturing some innocent person to death for no other reason than hatred. Not to sound too much like a FOX News anchor, but what a bunch of cowardly, pathetic, mindless @$&#ing psychopaths!!!

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006