Politics: North Asia


China The Coddler and The Tyrannical Three: The Burma, North Korea and Sudan Rant

Every petty dictator and military junta needs someone to prop them up at one point or another. Say someone like Aung San Suu Kyi has just won a massive 80% landslide in a democratic election in your country, but you're a general, or even a whole junta, that just doesn't want to give up the lush life; say you're a country in Africa that wants to do away with a bothersome racial minority, but the rest of the world just keeps giving you hell about it; or say you're getting hassled on the world stage just because you want nuclear weapons and a REALLY big army while you let millions of your people starve to death. Well, in all such cases there's only one country to call... and I sure as hell ain't talking about Burkina Faso!


The Gushing Hypocrite, His Buddy Hu and Bozo The God King Rant (AKA The Bush and Hu the %&$# is Gyanendra Rant)

Don't you think Bush must feel at least a little bit embarrassed about sucking up to the leader of a communist dictatorship that throws people in jail for 10 to 15 years at a time for such things as publishing articles about a peaceful transformation to democracy?