The Vatican Specialists Mini-Rant

The Vatican has once again come out this week - with a full "report" no less - condemning gay marriage as "the greatest threat to the family" the world has ever seen. Or some such crap. Let's just ignore for the moment the ridiculousness of the whole idea of 2 gay people wanting to share their lives together somehow being a threat to The Family. What I really want to ask is this: Isn't the idea of a bunch of never-married celibate men lecturing the world about marriage more than just a bit ludicrous?

Does anyone really believe these guys are qualified to say a thing on such subjects? Now if they want to counsel us on the ins and outs of child molestation or even the latest trends in long flowing robes, well ok then; but, really, let's just leave the whole marriage thing to people who have at least a slight clue of what they're talking about. I mean, isn't the idea of the Vatican giving marriage advice a lot like Bin Laden giving Fourth Of July party recommendations; or Gandhi giving fashion tips; or Keith Richards giving instructions on healthy living; or Castro giving pointers on term limits and/or on just how to keep that speech brief; or King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia teaching us all about women's rights and/or democracy; or, say, George W. Bush giving the world lectures on peace. I mean, really, isn't it?

Perhaps the Vatican should stick to some of their other favorite topics, such as why people in AIDS-ravaged Africa should avoid using condoms, or why extremely-poor people in extremely-over-populated countries should avoid using any form of birth control and go ahead and have that 9th or 10th baby. Some good stuff they've been working on there. But, then again, on second thought, maybe they should just shut the #%&@ up already!! At least until they have something slightly intelligent to say.

Offensive, you say? Hardly. Provocative? Not at all. Disrespectful? Come on! Self-evident? Well, yeah. Common sense? Clearly. Bloody obvious? Now you're talkin'.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Vatican Mini-Rant

If we take your underlying proposition to its conclusion then only Women could teach Women's Studies, Russians teach Russian History,etc.Wow, that would be exciting. Differing opinions, no matter their source make life enriching ,humorous and,yes, sometimes infuriating.By all means have a rant after all you're entitled to your opinion as much as anyone.