The "You Fundamentalists Rock!" Mini-Rant ("All We Are Saying Is Give Hate A Chance")

It was great to learn this past week that homophobia actually has a good productive side. And it was truly great to see some fundamentalist freaks coming together in a show of solidarity. A solidarity of hatred, that is. I'm talking, of course, about the coming together in common cause of Jewish, Christian and Muslim fundamentalists in Jerusalem earlier this week to oppose that city's Gay Pride March. I mean, isn't it wonderful to see people putting their hatred aside to unite for the purposes of... er... hatred? Hatred of others though, rather than of each other. How special.

We're not talkin' about opposition to gay marriage here, we're talkin' about opposition to the existence of homosexuals... period. You know, them being an "abomination" and all. We're talkin' hatred towards people for simply being who they are. And, hey, why the hell not, right? If it can divert some of the other hatred for a little while. I mean, it seems fundamentalists of all stripes always need someone to hate.

Perhaps gays could even end the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? All you need is for everyone over there to become a fundamentalist and then unite in their common hatred of gays (and perhaps gypsies? And albinos too?) and all this other hatred could finally subside and everyone could bask in the glorious light of hatred. And then peace and love could reign eternal in the Holy Land, at last. Well, at least for everyone but homosexuals... and gypsies ... and albinos.

Way to go fundamentalists - you guys rock!! Haters want to be you and Despisers want to be with you.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Friday, November 10th, 2006

Non-Christian Fundamentalism

Yo yo, Mike-io! Nice to see you are finally becoming more inclusive in your stereotyping of religion! Now Muslims and Jews get to join the ranks of being seen through the eyes of prejudice and caricature....which sounds like fundamentalism! i have a dream. like that fellow Christian and therefore i guess according to the above article, proponent of hate, and fundamentalist; Martin Luther King... i have a dream... -where people dont take refuge in inclusive ingroups that get their definitions from caricatured outgroups -where the insipid word 'tolerance' is not the killer of all philosophical inquiry -where people like people who disagree with them because their disagreement is well formulated, -where, as my muslim doctor lady friend once said, people ask themselves before speaking, 'are these words necessary, true, and kind' -where conservatives and liberals, righties and lefties, can all come together; and are boiled together in a big cauldron, buttondowns and tiedyes together at last, so they can no longer screech their platitudes, because their discussion was beyond inane in 1959. -where as st. thomas aquinas, fat celebate scholastic dark ages monk, said; truth beauty and love rule.

Dave R.

Hey Dave: A fine dream indeed, but...

Hey Dave

I'm glad you have a dream, and a damn fine dream it may be, but my little rant above was about fundamentalists, not your good ol' regular Christians, Muslims and Jews. Some of my best friends are...

Mike Cowie