Kill, Duck and Cover: The RCMP Rant

Anyone who watched the news here in Canada tonight now knows just how the RCMP works. I'm not simply talking about the video that was released today showing exactly what happened to Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski last month at Vancouver International Airport - how four cops killed him without provocation - no, I'm also talking about the web of lies and deceit that goes into the standard RCMP cover-up.

If you watched The National on CBC earlier tonight then you saw part of the video of the four cops tasering Dziekanski when he wasn't threatening them in any way whatsoever. (You can see the whole 10-minute tape on the CBC website).

Before the actual tasering you saw the 4 cops talking to him as he was standing calmly and, I repeat, never threatening them in any way whatsoever. You also saw that after they gestured for him to stand against the wall, he did just that.

You then saw them taser him... only 25 seconds after they'd arrived on the scene. Four big cops, one man with his arms passively by his side, and a taser immediately used. Talk about pathetic!

You then heard one of the cops yelling "Hit him again! Hit him again!" like some sort of psycho. It was, you have to admit, a bit like watching the fucking Sapranos!!

You then saw them taser him again after he was down. It was as if they hated the guy... but they'd only known him for 25 seconds. (Perhaps they don't much like Eastern Europeans, I don't know, but it sure was disturbing to watch).

Next you saw them kneel on his neck and back, which is, I'm guessing, what most likely killed him in the end.

As you sat there watching in amazement, you heard the reporter talk about how the officers made no effort to revive him once they took his pulse and pronounced him dead. They instead waited for an ambulance to arrive a few minutes later. It's as if they couldn't care less whether they'd just killed an innocent human being or not.

What the hell was his crime? What did he do that he deserved to die? How is it that these cops felt no need to try and revive him? The guy had broken a computer, he hadn't threatened or hurt anyone. He was clearly confused and upset after waiting for his mother for over 10 hours in the wrong area, an area without any food or water, after having traveled from Poland, via Germany. And that, it seems, was his crime. And for it, he's now dead.

Anyone who watched this and wasn't disturbed and disgusted is an android. Anyone who isn't ashamed that this could happen to a newly arriving Canadian immigrant at the Vancouver International Airport isn't a Canadian. This whole thing makes me sick. But not just that they killed him, but that the RCMP then lied and lied to protect the offending officers. Now that's what makes this extra repulsive.

If you were watching tonight you saw the interview with Ron Foyle, a 33-year veteran of the Vancouver police, who was clearly baffled at why Dziekanski was tasered at all: "It didn't seem that he made any threatening gestures towards them," Foyle said. And you heard another veteran cop talking about not wanting to work with bullies who use the taser unprovoked.

This shit obviously goes on all the time, the only difference is that there usually isn't such clear video evidence that contradicts the cops' story. And if this case proves anything it's that the cops lie to cover their asses. It seems they'll say anything. And I don't just mean the cops involved. Their superiors, it seems, will say anything - even straight out lies - to defend even those officers who have unnecessarily and unjustly killed someone.

Those who've been following this case since Dziekanski was killed back on October 14th are probably already familiar with all of the lies publicly made by the RCMP and you probably also know how they tried to keep this video tape and only released it under threat of lawsuit, and more importantly, under intense media and public pressure.


The RCMP have claimed, repeatedly, that there were only 3 officers on the scene. There are clearly 4 men in RCMP uniforms visible in the video.

The RCMP claimed Dziekanski resisted and threatened them. He clearly did NOT.

The RCMP have said they didn't use pepper spray because of the large number of people at the airport at the time, but the video clearly shows Dziekanski standing alone with the four officers in a completely empty area, separated from the public area by a thick glass wall.

Out and out bullshit, that's all. No misunderstandings, no contested facts, just simple lies to mislead the public and cover their asses.

One other important lie was the one they told to Paul Pritchard, the man who shot the video with his digital camera. He voluntarily handed it over to the RCMP at the airport that night on a promise that they would return it within 48 hours. Then they tried to seize it for "a year or two", obviously not wanting the public to see what was on it.

These people are paid to protect the public, but it seems their main concern much of the time is protecting themselves and each other. Wouldn't any decent cop want these pricks who did this off the force? They are a danger to the public, a clear and present danger. Seriously, who would want to work with such people?

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Dale Carr said no one can judge what happened to Dziekanski by just watching the video. And he's right, as long as he's talking about no one at the Vancouver School For The Blind.

Don't these pricks ever stop to think "Hey, what if that was my brother?" instead of going straight into kneeJERK defensive mode? Rather than jumping to the defense of fellow cops who clearly acted inappropriately, if not criminally, shouldn't the main feeling be one of remorse and shame?

I mean, retired superintendent Ron Foyle, the 33-year veteran, could see it. And, again, excepting the blind, so could everyone else.

Undoubtedly, and sadly, with the cops investigating the cops as usual (how ridiculous is that anyway?), there'll be yet another whitewash. But, then again, with the whole country able to see what actually happened in clear digital video, perhaps for once someone will have to pay for the killing of an innocent man. Perhaps a two week suspension... with pay.

But, hopefully, I'm being too cynical, perhaps for once we'll actually see some real justice and the cops involved will be charged with manslaughter or, at the very least, criminal negligence causing death. I mean, if you or me can be charged with such a crime for driving recklessly, then these guys running around tassering people and then kneeing them in the neck for no reason whatsoever should at least face similar charges. Though I still think manslaughter is more appropriate.

It really is a tragic tale and the villains are not just the cops involved. Dziekanski was arriving in Canada as a landed immigrant to start his new life here together with his mother, who moved here many years ago and had been waiting for years for him to finally join her. His mother, Zofia, was outside those gates waiting for him to exit, but he was inside waiting by the baggage pick-up for over 10 hours, since that is where she had mistakenly told him to wait. Once she realized she wasn't allowed inside the secure area, and knowing that he couldn't speak any English and therefore couldn't ask for any help, she asked just about every airport employee to help her out. Every single one refused and one even told her that he wasn't coming and that she should just go home to Kamloops. Which she eventually did. If even one of those people had been kind enough to help her out, Robert Dziekanski would be alive today.

Makes me ashamed to be a Canadian.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007


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lazy goons to serve donuts and collect pay cheqes

Today I got punched by a local redneck. The RCMP were called and they did nothing with the reason that it was two men acting like kids. I threw no punches as I was taught that if you get hit you charge them with assault.They had no interest in the fact that he did it in front of his kids or that he has prior assault charges. This guy will loose his kids soon and might hurt the mother and the kids They would not let me file assault charges. I have always been careful to respect the police but now I see they are just collecting a pay cheque and say to the media how they help us. They are no less goons than the Mexican police. I use to believe the law should be followed as a guide. I WAS WRONG.

No RCMP fan

what according to the bad RCMP spin doctors, there are only 3 alcoholic RCMP officers in all of Canada? for the rest they do not drink alcohol or beer but only milk, even when off duty?

LOL-- something funny

i read your work- for now the part of people lacking in the understand of police protocal-- or thinking they are experts in criminal behavior or abnormale behavior--- no shit, i happen to be one of those people. That is why i was laughting. Now i did up a blog on the polish guy which encluded the orginal act and the investigation after the fact. Now what you say is some what right, you are lacking some experiences gained knowledge- in things like dicriptions of homicides- or certain behavior- in in coarse guild line you are RIGHT. The act of the tazing was unwarrented or excessive useage of force. yes you are all so right on that by actions committed by the R.C.M.P. in question it implies that the R.C.M.P. became excited and rage motived. The useage of a weapon to subdue a suspect when there are 4 officers and the suspect is unarmed or uncombative implies a poor judgement by the officers- as in the seriousness of the enviroment or the suspect- four peper sprays- four bats or even 8 arms. But if you read up on the dicriptionsof the canadian criminal code on manslaughter- you will learn that it is a impulsive act (all most all ways rage motived) that leads to or a direct result of the death of other. So impulsive control problems- rage motivated or hyper excited rage and the excitment of causing harm to others being hyper excitment in the act of violence or sadistic personality disorders. Looks like a pathological behavior or socialpathic behavior???? Now if you want i can write on Robert all day as i said i did not believe what i was seeing so i did it myself- if you would like to talk about it we can or if you want to read my blog on this matter i will tell you where to go. criminal behavior- patholoical something or others-- you made me laught my email is

RCMP Acquittal

I love to listen to the ill-informed critics who like to second guess every situation the police find themselves in. Suddenly, you are a friggin expert on police procedure and you seem to also be an expert in psychology and human behaviour. I guess that must make you a behavioral analyst and far more qualified to assess situations of a violent nature than all the rest of us. I am curious about one thing........did you watch the same video I did??? Because frankly, the one I watched showed a violent, clearly incensed individual who was prepared to take extreme measures to either make his point or vent his anger to whomever got in his way. Not once, not twice, but several times he brandished a table as a weapon, he engaged in destructive behavior smashing a computer monitor and was verbally abusive (if you took the time to have some of his dialogue translated you would have a better understanding of just how angry and belligerent he was). What you don't seem to understand is that this individual represented a clear danger to both bystanders and police by proving beyond a shadow of a doubt his propensity for violence. Should we expect our police to throw caution to the wind and just say "hey, settle down and let's go have a coffee? I know that if my family member was a cop I would not want them in harm's way with some whack job who clearly had serious issues. What know one will ever know now is what this person's state of mind really was. Judging by his behavior and his rate of respiration it is clear that he is in a hyperadrenergic state and is distressed for no apparent reason. How does anyone know what his mental status is? He shows all the signs of bipolar behavior and as such could be a ticking time bomb. The bottom line is none of us were actually there in the room with him, and the RCMP Constables had no idea if his behavior was psychotic in nature or the result of something far more insidious and dangerous. No one knew anything about this man other than he was Russian and angry, for all they knew he could have been Russian drug runner or worse. Do the RCMP make mistakes? Absolutely, without question but they certainly are not guilty of what you so vehemently refer to as murder in this case. The case has been heard in Court of Queen's Bench and they have been cleared. We have to try to have some faith in the system. And for the record, the definition of murder is "the unlawful killing of another human person with intent or malice aforethought". If you truly believe they walked in that room intending to murder this man, and conspired to do so before they entered then you go ahead and call them murderers. Me, well i am a bit more humble, because i understand what a powerful factor fear is and how even the best of us can make mistakes when faced with the prospect of being killed or maimed. Bottom line, the guy represented a clear threat to both bystanders and police. He was tasered for his behavior and something went wrong, and that is all. I find your rant very disturbing in that you seem to think that every action the RCMP take is with malice, that they are not only violent but also racists and murderers. In some countries you would find yourself on the wrong side of the gulag fence for saying such things. Be thankful you live in a country that allows you freedom of speech so that you can spew your poisonous rhetoric.

You're a biased goof.

I don't need to spout off for paragraph after paragraph to make my point succinct. You're a biased goof, and need a good swift kick in the nutsack like most cops do. GFY.


"On December 15th, 2008 Anonymous said:" Since when is opinion "poisonous rhetoric"? This person is quite, quite obviously an RCMP member, married to, or related to a cop. From my considerable experience, EVERY encounter with RCMP exemplified malice on their part. You're head is so obviously up your arse, so there is little point in making an effort to enlighten you. Go to hell, along with your fine RCMP members. I, along with many others, know that most RCMP members are scum, unworthy of not only a badge, but a place in society. Farren J. McDonald a.k.a. Un-anonymous.

An unnecessary death

What a sad sad story! What a disgusting incident! Why couldn't the RCMP guys simply hold him without using a taser gun? Why did the officers have to kneel down on his back and neck even when he was suffering from taser gun shock? Why couldn't the airport workers listen to Robert's mom more seriously? Don't you think it would have been different if she were a fluent English speaker? I saw the airport CEO on the news and his "it's not our fault" attitude was disgusting too. I want to blame everybody who was involved in this. What an unnecessary death of a man who was about to start his new life here in Canada. If there is anyone who can't feel any anger or sympathy about this incident, it's simple, you're not trying hard enough to put yourself in Robert's and his mom's position. What if that was you? And great work by Paul for shooting that video! Sonoko

Robert Dziekanski

Congratulations Mike, Everything you have said I agree with. The whole situation with the R.C.M.P., during and after, was /is disgusting.The fact remains that but for the confrontation with the R.C.M.P.Mr.Dziekanski may have been distraught, dehydrated even delirious but he would have been alive.. It sickens me that the R.C.M.P.have not yet issued a public apology[one can admit sorrow without guilt] even to his mother. Why does the inquest have to take 2 years ? How can it possibly take so long ?The British wrap these things up in 3 months. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out who is to blame.I guess they hope the public outrage will abate over 2 Years. Thanks for taking the time to express yourself so eloquently. Anon. in Vancouver

Ashamed to be a Canadian?

'These pricks', 'villians'? Not any Candian police officer i know. Not even the bald dude who keeps giving me my tickets. A nice reportive balance would be to see outrage at the 4 cops who got killed in Mayenthorpe or the two who got recently got killed doing their job. These airport ones overreacted, and used a tazer which isnt hardly ever leathal, and this man is dead and his mother has suffered a grevious tragedy. I dont know what the immigration officers were doing to have the man start freaking out and have to call the cops in the first place. Cops have shitty jobs, and they deal with real, actual 'pricks' and 'villians' all day long. After working in the bar, and having yet another drunk going bezerk, my first reaction was to want to smash a beer mug on his stupid head, like Begie from Trainspotting would have done, or Scottish Jimmy our fullback. Cops make judgement calls all day long, trying not to overreact, or get killed and wounded in their duty, as we have seen does happen. RCMP especially are an exemplary force, doing a shitty job well. I am proud to be a Canadian, to be able to have such women and men provide the order on the streets of our society sos people can call them pricks from their basement while keeping their rights intact. Dave R.

Are you for real? Try

Are you for real? Try pulling your head out your ass to the brow line, just far enough so you can see what the hell is really going on. Smoke another one, dude, and consider yourself lucky you've YET to incur the wrath of some pigs in a bad mood. RCMP are a corporation---that's all. It's a money-generation BUSINESS--that's all. Their 25,000 employees are just tools to rake in the money from the idiots who give it to them (you and me). They really don't give a flying fig what they do, so long as it doesn't affect thier revenue. Ever give any thought of who ACTUALLY owns the RC's? Give ya' a hint: They live in a massive stone manor somewhere in Britain. Or did you think our PM 'owned' the RC's? You're a dolt. GFY, and I'd love to hear your retort when you finally DO get in a tussle with crooked pigs. You won't get an iota of sympathy from me.

Ya super heros but cannot do

Ya super heros but cannot do the little stuff like see when someone gets assaulted. We are not safe anymore. They are to far removed from daily working persons life.

Robert Dziekanski

There should now be a full intensive review of the use of taser guns, with the possiblity of banning them -- a few kind gestures, or words, in any language, might have prevented this tragic occurance. Sheelane

Vancouver airport inhospitality

I agree with you that this was a tragic and senseless death of an innocent man, and that the police investigation needs to be very clear and decisive. I hope that through the inquest into this tragedy, policies will be put in place to make the Vancouver International Airport more hospitable to newcomers and visitors to Canada who do not speak English -- before the Olympics sees the whole world arriving! Diane


Yeah I would just love to see how the 2010 Olympics goes down... how will the police ever cover that up? There will be at least 500 people who will not speak English there. I prodict a WW3, I dont like to admit it but thats the general direction things seem to be turning to. On a brighter outlook, the U.S. wont start it this time!