The "Business Time" Rave

Definitely check this out. It's a video clip of the comedy/musical duo Flight of The Conchords doing their should-have-been-a-smash-hit "Business Time". It's pretty hilarious and may especially ring true to any of those who happen to be married or in a very long term relationship, particularly those who've been together for more than just a few years now.

I, myself, of course, can't relate to it at all, but I just thought that perhaps some of you might.


What If: The Sex and Hunger Rant

What if religion and, especially, hardcore religious types treated hunger (one of the essential human drives) the same way they treat sex (another of the essential human drives)? What if they were to be suffering from the same Obsession/Repulsion Disorder in relation to food as they are in relation to sex and human sexuality? Can you imagine it? I sure can:

You thought about a cheese sandwich outside of meal time? Say 10 Hail Marys.

She ate lunch outside of the prescribed and sanctified lunch hour, stone her to death!

A Mind-Boggling Omission: Premiere Magazine's "50 Greatest Comedies" List Somehow Omits "Life of Brian"

Back in early-July I sent a letter to the editors of Premiere Magazine and they've just printed it in the issue that came out this week (October 2006 - the one with Cate Blanchett on the cover). However, they edited it down to almost nothing. I would've liked them to use the final three paragraphs, where I was actually saying something, but I guess they wouldn't want anything too critical - or even slightly political - to appear in print. It was worth a try anyway. Below you'll find a) My letter that I sent to them on July 7th, and b) What they actually printed.

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