Predatory Pedophile Priests

Petty Gossip and Unfair Intimidation: A Look At The Real Victims of The Vatican Sex Abuse Scandal

"Indifference is the essence of inhumanity"

      - George Bernard Shaw

Hey, did you hear the news? The Vatican sex abuse scandal isn't really about the tens of thousands of little kids who've been raped and abused in all sorts of disturbing ways over the years by their friendly neighborhood clergymen. No, it seems the real issue, at least according to the Vatican and Pope Benedict himself, is the strength and resolve of the Church to not be intimidated by such "petty gossip".

Fightback & Counterattack: Vatican Says Church Sex Abuse of Kids Not Really Pedophilia

For those of you who thought the Catholic Church was truly feeling some deep remorse about the tens of thousands of children who have been molested by priests over the years, think again.

Self reflection, shame and remorseful regret?

Are you out of your mind?

How about a defiant counterattack in the face of unjust criticism and slander?

A Narcissistic Sociopathic Cult-Running Ultra-Conservative Child-Diddling Crusader For Christ

For those who like their villains sinister, sleazy and self-righteous, not to mention depredatory, you've definitely got to check out this article by Peter Stanford about Father Marcial Maciel Degollado, a close advisor to Pope John Paul II and the founder of the ultraconservative Legion of Christ.

Finally An Apology: The Canadian Native Residential Schools Rant

Canada's Shame: Generations of Children Kidnapped and Brutalized In The Name of "Civilization" and "Christianity"

Yesterday was truly a great day for Canada. After years and years of waffling and procrastination, the federal government finally did what everyone knew had to be done: The Prime Minister, on the floor of the House of Commons, apologized to the Native People of Canada for the horrific and racist residential school system that this country ran for more than a century, a system that destroyed tens of thousands of lives. It's the single most shameful chapter in this country's recent history and an official apology simply had to be made. So, it's certainly not very often that you'll find me heaping praise on Stephen Harper, but today he most definitely deserves it.

The Victimizing The Victims Rant (Sex Abuse Survivors Legally Swindled By Own Lawyers)

Imagine being sexually and emotionally abused, raped and/or sodomized, and completely traumatized as a young child by someone you thought you could trust more than anyone else, your priest. Then, when you finally overcome your shame and tell someone about it, your church, the same one you were raised to have faith in as a holy institution, not only fails to punish your attacker, but does everything possible to cover up the crime while offering you no comfort whatsoever. And then, amazingly, those running the church actually go on to transfer that same sick rapist to another church where he can violate more victims and destroy many more young innocent lives.

And then imagine you find out they did the same despicable thing in hundreds of different cases.

Now imagine you wait decades to finally get a payout and an apology from the local diocese in a settlement that in no way returns your lost childhood or any of the lost happiness, self-esteem and/or mental stability you forfeited, only to find that some new sickos are right there waiting to take advantage of you in a whole different way.

The Speaking Of "Dismal Theories" Rant (The Pope Spews Some X'mas Hate)

Ok, look, it's the holiday season and I really don't have the time, nor the inclination, to rant right now; however, I've sadly been left with no other choice.

Believe me, I was just trying to get into the holiday spirit yesterday when, out of nowhere, I got blindsided by none other than the Holy Pontiff; and he simply left me with no other option but to stand up to his bigotry, hatred and illogical ravings. Hey, somebody's got to do it, right?

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