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Olympic Joy, Heroic Sid, Drunken Happy People, and Those Freaky Norwegians

It took a couple of days to digest it all, but, after a bit of thought, my take on the Vancouver Olympics is really quite simple: It was an absolute blast.

And the most impressive thing about these Winter Games had nothing to do with the sporting events themselves. Rather, it was the people - both locals and visitors - out on the streets partying and celebrating all day and all night over the entire duration of the Games.

Octopus's Garden: Japanese Bedtime Stories (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Embrace Death)

Something rather strange happened to my son on the way to bed the other night. Something quite peculiar and somewhat disturbing.

Imagine, if you will, the story of Bambi, the same story of the cute little deer and his friends that we all loved so much growing up. Imagine the book, not the movie. But imagine it with one small-but-significant change from the version you knew as a child. Specifically, imagine a final page that literally shows Bambi being served up as a delicious-looking venison steak.

Now imagine that this ending is not intended to be sad in any way. In fact, it's supposed to be happy... and rather mouth-watering. Well, you've now got an idea of the Japanese bedtime story my son was exposed to just the other night.

A True Canadian Celebration

This past Saturday night we threw a big party here at our place to celebrate my 41st birthday and man was it ever a blast! I mean, if you can have a big bash for your 40th, why not for your 41st, right? At least that's the way I see it. Luckily, it was a beautiful, sunny, warm day, and starting from 5 PM our backyard slowly filled up with about 90 guests, the last of whom didn't leave until after 2 AM. A bit earlier than the 5 AM finish we had announced beforehand, but a damn good 9 hours nonetheless. This was a party that had just about everything. Well, almost... if only Johnny hadn't let me down so badly.

Daddy, The Monkey and The Halloween Carol

Kaishan had a real blast last night, as would be expected considering that it was his first real Halloween. He was only one and a half last year and, therefore, had no idea what it was all about, of course. But this year he was fully enthralled, enthused and excited by it all.

The Too Old Timer Rant (A.K.A. The Old Timer Rant Part Two)

Since the beginning of July, as I first wrote about in last month's Old Timer Rant, I've been immersed in a 6-days-a-week sports regiment (ball hockey, lacrosse, basketball and 3 days of soccer), which I've been absolutely loving. However, this week, out of nowhere, I was suddenly blindsided by an unexpected seventh day and I've gotta tell ya things are no longer looking quite as rosy for me. In fact, now, believe it or not, I can no longer even walk to the fridge to get a beer, let alone run around a field. Though, thankfully, I can still hop.

The Inappropriate Grandma Rant

You've heard of Dora the Explorer toys for young kids, right? And Thomas The Tank Engine? And I know you've definitely heard of Sesame Street and Winnie The Pooh toys. Well, this isn't a story about any of those. No, this is a story of how one woman took the whole gift-giving experience and transformed it into something that no one could ever have imagined.

The Old Timer Rant

"You know how I know you're old?" I heard myself ask myself. And I guess it did creep up on me a bit. I mean, I don't really feel any different than I did in my twenties, but recently a couple of things made me realize that I may, in fact, be older than I feel.

The Tale of Dale and Paul The Not So Small

This is not a Rant and this is not a Rave, what this is is an Amazement, as in it's absolutely amazing that I don't have a split personality.

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