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The "Iran So Far Away" Must-See Clip Rave

First for X'mas '05 they gave us the classic "Lazy Sunday", about two guys on a quest to eat a few cupcakes and see "The Chronic-what?-cles of Narnia". Then last X'mas they gave us the brilliant "Dick In A Box", featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg singing all about the ultimate romantic X'mas gift. There have been other great clips in their SNL Digital Shorts series, but none as fantastic as those two... until now. Last Saturday night, during the season premiere of SNL, they finally gave us a third classic clip on par with the other two. It's called "Iran So Far Away" and, although it may be a bit early for X'mas this year, it's yet another great gift.

The "Business Time" Rave

Definitely check this out. It's a video clip of the comedy/musical duo Flight of The Conchords doing their should-have-been-a-smash-hit "Business Time". It's pretty hilarious and may especially ring true to any of those who happen to be married or in a very long term relationship, particularly those who've been together for more than just a few years now.

I, myself, of course, can't relate to it at all, but I just thought that perhaps some of you might.


The Bob and Marty Rave: No Direction Home

Take the greatest living American director, I'd say the greatest director of all time (Martin Scorsese), and the greatest living musician/songwriter/performer/artist (Bob Dylan) and what do you get? Pure genius is what. Pure unadulterated genius.

DAY OF THE BOB: The Dylan Live In Concert Rave

I know there's just one simple question all of you Bob Dylan fans are dying to know the answer to right now, and that's how was The Bob in concert? And the one simple answer is: F*$#ing amazing!!!

A Perfect Billy Bragg Song: Even More Relevant Today‏

Even more relevant today than when it was written nearly 20 years ago, check out this great song by Billy Bragg from his excellent album "Talking With The Taxman About Poetry". Change a word here and there and you've got yourself an incredibly topical song.

Mike Cowie (Oredakedo)
Friday, January 28th, 2005

India: Kerala #5: Ram, Stency, Lucinda and Little Baby Ramone

Ok, so after a 2-week break it's now time to return to the telling of our story of love: our love for Kerala, that is. Yes, our story of Rum, Rock 'n' Ram ('n' Soccer), Jew and Muslim Streets, Sewage River/Canal, Fort Kochi, loads of great music, Bill, The Thursday Night Party Club, A Bunch Of Guys Named Joe and more - all in the beauutiful, lush green, tropical Southern Indian state of Kerala. My first four Kerala letters only covered our first week in Kochi, so there's still a lot - a whole lot - more to tell.

Lhasa, Tibet #1: The World Basketball Tour at 3,650 meters

So we're wandering around Lhasa for 5 days surrounded by warm, friendly Tibetans with the biggest warmest smiles we've ever seen anywhere and we're wondering how in the hell are we ever going to befriend any of them considering half the people on the streets are tourists. The answer: The World Basketball Tour, of course!

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