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Olympic Joy, Heroic Sid, Drunken Happy People, and Those Freaky Norwegians

It took a couple of days to digest it all, but, after a bit of thought, my take on the Vancouver Olympics is really quite simple: It was an absolute blast.

And the most impressive thing about these Winter Games had nothing to do with the sporting events themselves. Rather, it was the people - both locals and visitors - out on the streets partying and celebrating all day and all night over the entire duration of the Games.

Obama Wins: The Nightmare Is Over. So Why Am I Crying?

Tears of Joy

Do you really need to hear one more person tell you that last night was a historic night? I think not. But I'm going to say it anyway, because how else can you describe such a monumental event as seeing a black man elected as president of the United States just 40 short years after civil rights workers were being beaten, tortured and murdered down in the Deep South.

I can tell you right now that I've never before shed tears while watching an election result. I did, most certainly, cry tears of joy when Nelson Mandela was finally freed from prison back in 1990, but I've never cried for some regular event like an election. Not until last night. But this, obviously, wasn't an ordinary election.

Another Hilarious Stephen Colbert Clip: "Better Know a Lobby - Atheism"

You've gotta check this out! Yet another great clip from The Colbert Report.

Last week, as part of his ongoing "Better Know A Lobby" series, Stephen Colbert aired an interview with Lori Lippman Brown, director of the Secular Coalition for America; a group that, insane as it may seem, thinks Sex Ed classes, among other things, should be based on - wait for it - science.

The Showdown: Stephen Colbert vs The Gay Lobbyist

Now this is a great interview! It's Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report interviewing Joe Solmonese, a prominent gay lobbyist from the homosexual rights organization Human Rights Campaign, in a hilarious 2-part interview (5 minutes each). Definitely a must see!

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