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My Picks For The Best 15 Films of 2010

A year ago I had a lot to say when it came to great films. Not only did I post My Picks For The Best Films of 2009 (a list of 15 films and 5 documentaries), but I also produced the monster of all posts: My Picks For The Top 100 Films of The Decade.

Well, this year things are a little simpler, as all I've got is a list of my favorite 15 films of the past year.

The Martin Scorsese Departed Rave (AKA The "Goddamn It MAN, Marty Has Done It Again!" Rave)

Last night I went with my friend Dave to see Martin Scorsese's new film "The Departed", which finally opened here on the Sunshine Coast on Friday night after an excruciatingly long 2-week wait. How was it? Well, absolutely brilliant is probably the most simple and direct way to sum it up. Ok, so I know I use that word "brilliant" a little too often and a little too casually, but in this case it's 100% appropriate. I'm truly a HUGE fan of film, but rarely do I leave a movie feeling as totally pumped as I did last night. I mean, I came out of the theater feeling a lot like Dennis Hopper in "Blue Velvet" - full of insane energy, though mine was the purely positive kind, of course. I was like "Holy shit MAN! Did you see that MAN? $#%& yes man! #$%& yes! Come on MAAAAN!! It just doesn't get much better than that!" I literally drove away shouting "Yeaaaaaah!! Goddamn was that ever amazing!" And I didn't even need to inhale anything to get to that point either. Well, besides an extra large bag of popcorn and a giant iced tea.

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